How It Works

System Navigation

A System Navigator helps people to figure out how to access resources and services within complex health and social systems. Our System Navigators work to address many challenges, including housing, employment, education, health services, and dealing with governments. If you are struggling to find a job, trying to finish school, or don’t know where to start, our System Navigators will work to identify the issue and the right path forward.

Through our online platform, a System Navigator will work to get you the information you need or connect you to the right person.

Community Worker

Community Workers are available to work closely with you to plan and move towards your future. One Community Worker dedicated to assessing your strengths, needs, and goals. Your Community Worker will be available to connect regularly with you to troubleshoot challenges and brainstorm solutions. Community Workers can track your progress over time and let you know where improvements can be made.

Through our online platform, a Community Worker is ready to take the first step towards your future